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Dear Friends,

The British vote on Brexit unveils how divided the United Kingdom is. It also reveals a divided Europe. Now the EU and the UK have to broker the exit and define their new relation. As much as we may regret seeing UK sailing away the divorce needs to be fair for both sides without adding more damage to the European economy and  societies. Negotiators have to walk a fine line to find a fair deal on the one hand whereas on the other hand the outcome must not look like cheery picking in order not to encourage others to renegotiate their own relationship within the EU. At the same time the deal needs to serve the actual common policy priorities such as saving the Schengen system, formulating a joint Migration and Asylum system, strengthening the common market, making the Euro a strong currency by pursuing a common Fiscal and Social policy and find a common answer to our Foreign and Security policy challenges. Solutions will deliver new institutional structures at best or at least a coalition of willing Member States to bring Europe forward.

Kind regards

Klaus Linsenmeier

Newest Articles

Brexit: United Kingdom is divided

Brexit leave UK referendum Jun 30, 2016 by Klaus Linsenmeier

The referendum on UK's membership in the EU marks a unprecedented turning point in the history of the EU. Its effects cannot entirely be foreseen but it shows the current problem areas of the European integration project.

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Allow Brits to apply directly for EU citizenship - An open letter to the EU presidents

Jun 27, 2016 by James Bartholomeusz

In response to Brexit, James Bartholomeusz calls upon the EU presidents to make European citizenship independent from national ones, thus allowing Brits to stay European citizens.

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After the Brexit: Quo vadis, EU?

Jun 24, 2016 by Ralf Fücks

Great Britain will leave the EU. What does that mean for European Union going forward? What can be done to strengthen political unity within the Union? A commentary by Ralf Fücks.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – 5 + 1 Steps Away From Visa-Free Travel for Turkish Nationals

Jun 14, 2016 by Ilke Toygür Melih Özsöz

Aspired facilitation of the issuance of visas for Turkish nationals to the European Union has a long history. With the latest version of the refugee deal the date for visa liberalisation seemed closer than ever expected.

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Rebuilding the Neighbourhood

A Migration Bubble? Reading the New European Neighbourhood Policy in the Moroccan Context

Jun 15, 2016 by Sakina Abushi Hicham Arroud

The new European Neighbourhood Policy, as introduced in November 2015, provides a framework in which to discuss Moroccan migration policies as well as the impact of European migration policies on the affected migrants.

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Overcoming European Extremes – Towards One European Neighbourhood

Jun 22, 2016 by Mikhail (Mykhailo) Minakov

By 2016 the eastern neighbourhood of the European Union (EU) has turned into a region of intercultural conflicts, interstate wars and authoritarian experiments betraying the bright hopes for continental cooperation, freedom and peace of the early 1990s.

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Ukraine’s Unrequited Passion for Europe

Jul 14, 2016 by Jan Piekło

The history of EU-Ukraine relations tells of missed opportunities and of unfilled expectations and risks to put the EU's credibility at stake.

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Newest Publications

Aloft - An Inflight Review

Jun 01, 2016 Publication PDF

Air traffic must become climate neutral and more environmentally friendly. With the publication Aloft – An Inflight Review the Heinrich Böll Foundation and the Airbus Group want to provide important insights into the current state of technological developments and the political debate surrounding the sustainable future of flying.

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For Democracy

Jun 15, 2016 pdf

The present publication “For Democracy” outlines and analyzes the state of democracy worldwide as well as the possibilities of democracy assistance.

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Newest Event Reports

After the Paris and Brussels Attacks: How can Europe Protect Its Open Society?

Jul 12, 2016 Event Report PDF

Only three months after the devastating terrorist attacks in Brussels, a strange silence has fallen over Europe. Terrorism has disappeared from the headlines; think tanks and politicians have found other subjects to focus on but many questions remain.

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European Cities and Citizens delivering on the Sustainable Development Goals

Jun 30, 2016 pdf

How can European cities and citizens deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals, what do they mean for European cities and how can citizens and grassroots initiatives help implement them? We discussed with various stakeholders on concrete examples of transformative and replicable actions coming from sub-national governments and civil society organisations.

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The Scottish Parliament Election and the Brexit Referendum

Jun 05, 2016 Event Report PDF

The majority of the Scottish, including the leading Scottish National Party, are in favor of EU membership. The results of the Brexit referendum could result in a discrepancy between the Scottish wish to remain and the possible UK-wide wish to "Brexit".

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Kick-off Workshop "Regional Cooperation for Renewables in the European Union"

Jun 01, 2016 Event Report Invitation Welcome 25.04 Welcome 26.04 FURGY CLEAN Presentation Biogas 2020 Presentation SEREH Presentation IrRADIARE hbs Presentation Tjisse Stelpstra Speech M.O.T. Presentation ENTSO-E Presentation ERRIN Presentation

Renewable energy sources (RES) will have to play a predominant role in the EU’s future energy mix in order to ensure a competitive, secure and sustainable energy system. Regional cooperation can be a promising way to bridge the gap between national policies and the Europeanised approach.

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The Referendums in Denmark, the Netherlands and the UK in Light of Euroscepticism, Refugee Crisis and the Paris and Brussels Terror Attacks

May 14, 2016 Event Report Euroscepticism Presentation Ukraine Presentation

A new ‘trilogy’ of referendums started with the Danish European Union opt-out referendum in December 2015, followed by the Dutch Ukraine-referendum in April and Brexit coming up in June. Paired with the recent terror attacks and the still ongoing refugee crisis, what does this mean for the future of the European Union? Is there still hope for a multi-cultural unified Europe?

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