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Oct 07

Engaging European Youth in Electoral Processes

Current Situation & Future Actions to Take  

Oct 11

Diverging Voices, Converging Policies

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Oct 18

China's Economic Offensive in Europe

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Oct 18

Panel on EU-MENA renewable energy cooperation


European Union

The Populist Temptation - Why Populism is no Option for Green Politics in Europe

Sep 27, 2016 by Klaus Linsenmeier

Populism is a growing movement. Democrats need to investigate on its characteristics to come up with counterstrategies.

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Why EU institutions Need an Upgrade

Jul 27, 2016 by Klaus Linsenmeier

Does the European Union need a constitution to become more democratic? Can a European constitution help the institutions gain legitimacy and acceptance among Member States and their citizens?

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Dossier: Europe's future after Brexit

Jul 26, 2016

For the first time in the EU's history, a member state has voted to leave. In our dossier, we explore the international reactions: How are the EU member states as well as the US, Russia and Asian governments responding to Brexit? What will be the implications for other member states and the future of the EU?

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The European Union and its Southern Neighbourhood

Sep 20, 2016 by Judy Dempsey

The big challenge facing the EU is how it can reconcile its new policy of promoting stabilisation and security in the Middle East with human rights and democratisation.

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Views from the South – The European Neighbourhood Policy in Lebanon

Sep 02, 2016 by Dr. Bente Scheller Noor Baalbaki Alisha Molter

The European Neighbourhood Policy is assessed by its annual Progress Reports. This article aims to complete its findings by interviews with researchers and practitioners from the ground.

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The EU-Turkey Refugee Deal: Failure, Success or Betrayal of European Values?

Sep 01, 2016 pdf

The EU-Turkey refugee deal attracted much criticism. This paper discusses whether the deal can be considered as a success or a sell out on European values, taking its impacts on migration flows, the EU asylum law and the European Convention on Human Rights into consideration.

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Workshop for the Future - After the Paris and Brussels Attacks: What Future for Young Europeans?

Sep 01, 2016 pdf

On 21 June 2016, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union hosted a 'Workshop for the Future' for young Europeans. Questions such as how to deal with the after effects of the Paris and Brussels attacks and the fear and insecurity they have caused among the young have been raised and discussed.

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Climate & Energy

The importance of cities and regions in delivering the Paris objectives and scaling up climate ambition

Sep 02, 2016 pdf

Regions and cities could play a vital role in reaching the Paris objectives.This paper explores challenges and opportunities that lay ahead and gives best practice examples.

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The climate change & migration nexus in a global context. What role for the EU in protecting climate migrants?

Jul 20, 2016 pdf

Climate change and environmental degradation have accelerated global migration flows and are continuously impacting the livelihood and mobility patterns of vulnerable populations across the world.

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Democracy & Development

Honduras: Can the EU help overcome impunity of crimes against human rights defenders and LGBTI activists?

Aug 07, 2016 pdf

Homophobia, discrimination and social exclusion are part of the day-to-day life of LGBTI persons in Honduras due to cultural background, religious fundamentalism and impunity. The event report examines if the European Union can help to overcome impunity of crimes against human rights defenders and LGBTI activists.


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