Newsletter October 2017

European Union

The Catalan Independence Conundrum

The Catalan government is determined to go through with its plans to hold an independence referendum. With the country on the verge of a constitutional crisis, a negotiated solution becomes crucial

By Sonia Andolz-Rodríguez 

Nobel Peace Prize: Heinrich Böll Foundation congratulates its partner organisation ICAN

Press release

The Heinrich Böll Foundation congratulates its partner organisation, the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), on winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

Cold Confrontation: The New Normal in EU-Russia Relations

The Euromaidan protests in 2013 triggered a series of events which led to the deterioation of EU-Russia relations. A look into three parameters of the relationship: narrative, power and the future.

By Ilana Bet-El 

Hostile takeover: How Orbán is subjugating the media in Hungary

Viktor Orbán and his closest allies have taken control of most of the Hungarian media. Journalists at loyal outlets are expected to closely follow instructions from the state apparatus; in exchange, they receive advertising money from government institutions.

By Krisztian Simon, Tibor Rácz 

EU-Russia Relations from a Russian Point of View

Oscillating between conflict and cooperation, the EU-Russia relations are of strategic importance in key policy areas such as European security

By Victor Mizin


The Ocean Atlas

Overfishing, the loss of biodiversity, and an immense pollution – the seas are under stress. The Ocean Atlas 2017 delivers in more than 40 infographics and articles all the relevant data, facts and contexts


Feminicidio: un fenómeno global

Romper el silencio, acabar con la impunidad y pedir la responsabilidad universal ha sido siempre nuestro lema sobre el feminicidio. ¿Cómo fortalecer la lucha contra la violencia contra las mujeres a nivel birregional UE-CELAC?

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hbs Office of the Month

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung is a global network of more than 30 offices worldwide. Once a month, we will present you in this section one of our offices and its work.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation has been active in Southern Africa since 1989. For many organisations and individuals, the foundation become a partner for civic education and formation of networks, provider of international contacts, observer and analyst in the region.

The office's latest article dives into the issue of mineral mining in the community of Xolobeni and how South African mine-hosting communities are silenced.

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