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European Union

The Trump Era or Interregnum? The Changing View of Europe in the United States

Trump’s accession to the White House shows that his policy constitutes a turning point in transatlantic relations but also shows certain indices of continuities in American foreign policy of the last decades.

By Stephen F. Szabo


Sowing the seeds of an equitable world

The reclamation of seed as a common good has begun. Following the concept of open source, new approaches evolve that result in the cultivation of a large number of species and varieties.

By Barbara Unmüßig

The Future of Europe and the Future of Climate Action

The EU is still getting to grips with the need to transition to a fully decarbonised economy, the political economy challenges of deep decarbonisation, the need to develop a regime to manage climate risk, and with aligning its own efforts with those of non-state actors such as cities and progressive businesses. How does climate governance fit within the ‘Future of Europe’ process led by the European Commission


Feminicide: A Global Phenomenon

The fifth edition of "Feminicide: A global phenomenon” covers topics such as feminicide in different countries, the recent call of the UN-Rapporteur and the absolute criminalization of abortion

Tricky Business: Space for Civil Society in Natural Resource Struggles

Governments and corporations are driving the demand for water, land and organic resources. Previously intact ecosystems are being sacrificed, thousands of people are losing their livelihoods. This study provides insights on how we can better address and monitor resource and environmental policy projects.

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