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How GDPR Is Driving the US Privacy Legislation Debate


While US companies might dominate the tech industry, the European Union is leading the way on digital rights. By regulating a key part of the global market, the EU has put data protection on the agenda around the world. In the United States, reeling from the realisation that the control of data affords Big Tech enormous economic and political power, politicians from both sides are now calling for reform.

By Sabine Muscat

Discredited and divided: UK elections in the age of Brexit


The ballot sheets being printed ahead of the polling day for the European elections on 26th May shows that Britain’s next delegation of 71 MEPs is likely to be a wild jumble of representatives from different parties.

By James Bartholomeusz

European election campaign in Poland: test run for autumn general elections


The figures speak for themselves: 15 years after joining the European community, 91 percent of Poles support EU membership, with only five percent against. According to 78 percent of those surveyed, the consequences are overwhelmingly positive. Moreover, 56 percent feel they are Europeans, an increase of around 13 percent compared to 2014.

By Irene Hahn-Fuhr

From «Paymaster of Europe» to «Shaper of Europeʼs future»

pdf E-Paper

Although the European Union is facing enormous political challenges, Germany has shown little initiative in European politics in recent years. Proposed reforms of other member states, such as France, have been mostly opposed on the grounds that «the German taxpayers» must not be even further burdened. This study investigates the factual and popular basis of this narrative.

Stabilization via change? The European Union’s support for human rights advocacy in Lebanon

pdf Paper

The European Union perceives civil society as a key partner, and human rights as an overarching theme throughout its support interventions in Lebanon. However, critical voices have questioned in the past years how the EU’s main priority ‘stabilization’ is compatible with its normative aspirations such as civil society and human rights support. Therefore, this article investigates how this alleged contradiction affects the de facto support for human rights organizations by the European Union.


Agriculture Atlas 2019 - Facts and Figures on EU Farming Policy

Press release

Europe needs a new political majority for a fundamental reform of the EU’s damaging and inequitable farming subsidies to stand a chance of saving nature, preventing the worst effects of climate change and reviving small farms and our rural regions. 

Climate change and human rights – Can the courts fix it?


Climate litigation is on the rise - in Germany, in Europe and worldwide. What role can courts play in the fight against climate change? This article shows the link between human rights and climate change, its implications, and introduces some of the cases.

By Anne Kling

Agriculture Atlas 2019

pdf Publication

Facts and Figures on EU Farming Policy: No other economic activity is so closely interwoven with the human and natural environment as is agriculture. If farming changes, so too the ecological and social systems that it hosts must change. The Agriculture Atlas shows how closely Europe’s agriculture is intertwined with our lives and our living space and pushes for a better, fundamentally different set of agricultural policies.


70 Years of Human Rights. Indivisible. Inalienable. Universal.


70 years ago, the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We work with our partners around the world towards making democracy and human rights, dignity and freedom a reality for all. The triad of HUman Rights - Democracy- Ecological Sustainability is the basis for our work.

By Barbara Unmüßig

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB): A Multilateral Bank Where China Sets the Rules

In the last years, a number of countries decided to join the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which has developed into a major player in the global financial architecture in record time. Korinna Horta's analysis of the situation regarding the respective standards after three years of AIIB in operation is very sobering.

2049: Open Future - Green European Journal

pdf Publication

While the pace of the present day can cloud the vision, casting out our gaze to the future allows a bigger picture to emerge. This edition of the European Green Journal looks forward to imagine the Europe(s) to be in 2049.

Office of the Month

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung is a global network of 34 offices worldwide. Once a month, we present in this section one of our offices and its work.

Our office Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Paris in France focuses on four main topics:

  • energy transition
  • ecological transformation of our economies
  • political participation and social inclusion
  • foreign and security policy

The aim is to support the French-German cooperation, energy transition, climate protection, the ecological and social transformation of our economies as well as to strenghten the democratic structures and values in Europe. At the heart of their activities are the fight against discrimination and the promotion of equal rights between women and men while diversifying their interventions and formats, also through cultural activities.

Find out  more about the Congress of Young Europeans in 2019 taking place in Marseilles this year in September. You can still apply until 15 June! 

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