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International Relations

Nationalism in Turkey: Roots and Contemporary Answers


Nationalism has been the most influential trend in both current political discussions as well as the in emergence of more engrained political processes in Turkey. In all political strands from the far left to the far right, a ferment, or at least an influential force of nationalism exists in varying tones and different degrees. 

By Yahya Kemal Can

Western Balkans and their significance for the European policy of Warsaw and Berlin


We invite you to read the new texts published as part of the German-Polish European Blog. In the In the current edition we present the Polish and German perspective on relations with  Western Balkans.

By Małgorzata Kopka


High Expectations from ‘Nature Based Solutions’ during the Climate Action Summit


Peter Riggs, from the international network Climate, Land, Ambition, and Rights Alliance (CLARA) tells how to evaluate new commitments from countries, and greater overall ambition in achieving under-two-degree warming pathways.

By Peter Riggs

Land Degradation Neutrality Fund


The fund is supposed to contribute to sustainable land use but is run by a financial asset company and poses substantial risks for peasant farmers. 

By Jutta Kill

Climate policy together or not at all

Transatlatic Media Fellowship

The dispute between the supporters of globalisation and the defenders of national sovereignty rages around the world. This also concerns climate policy. 

By Wojciech Jakóbik

Energy Transition Blog


British MPs fight back against the Brexiteer coup


Having been elected as prime minister with a mandate from considerably less than 1% of the adult British population - the 180,000 members of the Conservative Party - Boris Johnson is attempting to remove the primary check on his power by breaking up the UK Parliament.

By James Bartholomeusz

The European elections 2019: Learning from mistakes made


The appointment of Ursula von der Leyen as the new President of the European Commission comes as a setback regarding all attempts to strengthen the European Parliament through the lead candidate, or Spitzenkandidaten, principle. The European Parliament must now try to push forward the process of its own legal strengthening and for transnational lists.

By Dr. Christine Pütz, Eva van de Rakt

The European Parliament Goes Green!


Upon the European elections in May 2019, the Greens/EFA group has grown significantly in size and holds more seats than ever before in the European Parliament. This dossier aims to give an overview of who they are and what other actors expect from them.

Smart cars, transparent citizens?

More safety, less congestion: Artificial intelligence could revolutionize our mobility. But networking vehicles and infrastructure poses new challenges for IT security and data protection.

By Sabine Muscat, Zora Siebert

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Free, fair, and alive: the insurgent power of the commons

pdf Book

Ambitious, sophisticated, and resolutely grounded in everyday realities, "Free, Fair and Alive" present a compelling vision of a future that can actually work. Written by two highly experienced commons activists, this book is at once a penetrating cultural critique, table-pounding political treatise, and practical playbook for building a new world of commoning.

Annual Report 2018

pdf Annual Report

In 2018, our priorities included climate justice, energy and mobility transitions, responsible resource policies, the strengthening of democracy and human rights, and the protection of minorities. Our Annual Report provides information on our multifaceted work in Germany and abroad.

hbs Office of the Month

The Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung is a global network of 34 offices worldwide. In this section, we present once a month one of our offices and its work.

Our office Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Mexico and the Caribbean works on resource policy, energy and socio-ecological transformation as well as democracy, security and digital rights. Their main focus lies on 

Natural resources, energy, and socio-ecological transformation
Democracy, security and digital rights
Dialogue and new challenges

for which they work with different partner organisations.

Find out about fracking in Mexico, e_TYCS or a Queer cinema festival in Mexico. 

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