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Newsletter March 2020

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Given the current situation and the measures aiming at containing the spread of the novel coronavirus, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union in Brussels will provide digital offers for participation. Conferences and events on the spot are suspended until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding.

Stay safe!

Covid-19 pandemic shows how fragile the EU is

Not only has the new coronavirus catapulted us out of our everyday lives, but the way the EU is handling the COVID-19 pandemic has made its inability to take action in times of crisis painfully apparent. Just as people are stranded at airports and railway stations, any hope that Europe is capable of pulling together has also been stranded in the last few weeks.

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France: Locked down and forsaken

Coronavirus measures have made the usually bustling city of Paris a ghost town. Bars, cafes, restaurants and everything else have been closed down, with towers of empty chairs piled up behind the windows. The sole long queues are to be seen outside supermarkets, bakeries, butchers and pharmacies, everybody keeping at least a metre away from each other.

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The coronavirus crisis: Where the Trump administration went wrong

The US government’s crisis management has been a disaster so far. Donald Trump has three basic tendencies, which have served him well in the past as a populist, but which will cause severe damage to the US population in this situation and may usher in the end of his political career.

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COVID-19: Tips for a Saner Digital Diet in These Viral Times

A virus riding on another virus. That is how the ‘infodemic’ is raging in online spaces around the outbreak of the novel coronavirus called COVID-19, which has been on just about everyone’s radar since late January 2020.

As grave as the quest to manage the respiratory disease and cure those ill with it is not only the challenge of using facts versus fear - but how to create and keep avenues of information that withstand the unrelenting drip of skewed, confused, partially true to totally false information, to racist and prejudiced views, or a cocktail of these.

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Is Data the New Oil? Examining the Promise of Data for Development

The promise of measuring everything and everyone with the help of digital technologies has triggered the interest of the development community as well as governments across the Global South. But in countries like Kenya, the excessive collection or personal data creates risks of monetary and political exploitation, not to mention compounding existing discrimination, without improving the delivery of aid and public services.

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A political map of Slovakia two years after the tragedy of the murder of Ján and Martina

February 2020 will be written into the modern political history of Slovakia as a month with a great turning point which combined in a special way two dramatic themes in the internal political development of the country.

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The Future is now! On the relevance of the Beijing Platform for Action today

Equal power for women, a life with less violence and more justice are the goals that were set 25 years ago at the 4th World Conference on Women and in the Beijing Platform for Action. So far, gender equality has never been achieved.

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Surveillance: Feminist Perspectives Urgently Required

A collection of articles which show different aspects of gender questions in a world of data collection and digital surveillance.

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International Relations
A Crisis of European Values

Zora Siebert talks to Markus Weinberg about his documentary "Mission Lifeline", confrontations with the right populist movement in Eastern Germany Pegida and current developments of the European migration policy.

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Multilateralism 2.0

It is time to upgrade the current debate on multilateralism, to make it greener and more global. We tried to do just this at our 20th Foreign Policy Conference, which took place in Berlin on 30-31 January 2020. This reader provides some insights into our major topics, from trade to climate to security policy, with perspectives from South Africa, India, Brazil, the US and the EU.

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Towards a Contemporary Vision for the Global Seafloor

The open ocean hosts an inconceivable wealth of marine life. Most of it remains unseen and unknown. Actually, the international community has agreed to develop a new legally binding agreement for the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity.

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