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#1 2021


The new “European Mobility Atlas 2021: Facts and Figures about Transport and Mobility in Europe” by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung provides key facts, figures, best practices and policy proposals for a sustainable, inclusive and just mobility in the EU, crucial to tackle the climate crisis and to achieve the European Green Deal.

What is the state of railways, cross-border mobility and intermodality in Europe? What is the future of the automotive, aviation and shipping sectors? What is behind the thriving bicycle industry, the boom of cargo bikes, and what are the best bike-friendly practices in Europe? What is the role of digitalization, automation and renewable energies in the future of mobility and transport? How is the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the mobility of people and goods?

Get now your copy of the new European Mobility Atlas 2021 and shape the debate on transport and mobility in Europe!

Check out also the map "Sustainable Transport Around Europe".

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The reform of the EU Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) is underway. Each EU Member State is writing its National CAP Strategic Plan. Will these CAP Strategic Plans pave the way for a sustainable agriculture, forestry, and rural development – in the EU and beyond?
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Climate Justice and Migration: Mobility, Development, and Displacement in the Global South

With climate change looming, anxiety over immigration from the Global South is increasingly fuelled by apocalyptic fears of ecological breakdown. How should policymakers respond to the reality and future prospect of vast populations being displaced and relocated in an era of global heating?
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Recent dossiers
European Mobility Atlas 2021: Facts and Figures About Transport and Mobility in Europe
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Read also the article "Women on the Move: Sustainable Mobility and Gender", published on International Women's Day 2021.
The EU-Mercosur Free Trade Agreement: Thematic factsheets by Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
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The present and future of the Green wave
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Out of sight, out of mind? Frontex and Human Rights at the EU Borders, 03.03.2021
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Launch of the European Mobility Atlas 2021: Facts and Figures about Transport and Mobility in Europe, 03.02.2021
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The EU-Mercosur trade agreement: implications for climate, food safety, pesticides and public procurement, 07.12.2020
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Energy Transition Blog: The Global Energiewende
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